Silerlight Projects

Just started working with Silverlight, in particular with XNA. You may have to enable Silverlight GPU access by right-clicking in the window and selecting Silverlight. Look for the RvBGames website under the Permissions tab and select allow. This should work for Internet Explorer 9. Google Chrome seems to work right out of the box.


[12-Feb-2012] The BrickHouse demo below will allow you to navigate the scene with the four Arrow keys. This demo incorporates the BEPUPphysics engine. Collision detection between the camera and the environment is not working at the moment. There are plans to add a town to this project with a few playable games. Hopefully we can complete this within the next few weeks.

        F key to fire blocks.
        Ctrl/Shift to decrease/increase the altitude of the camera
        A or D key to strafe left and right

XNA Test Projects

The below XNA 3.1 project is using the bEPU Physics engine. We have implemented basic vegetation and we are in the process of adding more variety to it. Once we add shadows and particles, and connect the avatar controllers to bEPU, the project files will be available for download should somebody want them.

The image below is a work-in-progress implemention of weeds. They started out looking like cornfields, but by using UV wrap we were able to improve the overall quality. It is still not to the level we want but at least it is tolerable.


These two projects are a test of the workflow between Maya, MotionBuilder, and the XNA framework. The project on the left is using deferred rendering, while the project on the right is using forward rendering. The work for the bEPU test (above) will be folded back into these two once we are finished with the tasks mentioned above.